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About this forum & who is Dr. Tara Green


1. The objective of this forum is to publicly document and expose various dishonest businesses/companies/individuals, especially in Singapore.

2. Victims of these businesses/companies may wish to registered for a forum account and

* (i) post their grievances
* (ii) possibly with evidence such as receipts, photographs, etc.
Note guests/viewers are only able to view limited section of this forum. Only registered forumers are able to make postings and access other private forum boards.

3. As unlikely as this may be. business owners who are wrongly accused of being dishonest may also defend themselves here by responding to the victims.

4. For those who felt aggrieved victims of any crime and would like to have a secure & private forum for only the affected victims may contact me for such requests.

5. For those with knowledge & means, you may also wish to help advise the victims on some of the possible next course of action.

Dr. Tara Green.

Dr. Tara Green is my pen-name for the forum project.

I am involved in several for-profit and non-profit enterprises/projects.

Most of the enterprises/projects that I am involved with requires me to be a public figure: interviews, photos, videos - which I am actually not comfortable with but became necessary - with some arms twisting. There are 3 non-profit projects where I stay anonymous. For these special projects, the level of anonymity is directly proportional to my quality of contributions to the community. forum is the 3rd of such projects and I hope to initiate a few more in this short lifetime of mine.

I dedicate all the merits arising from forum activities to all the other stakeholders. May the affected victims eventually find justice that they are seeking and peace.

The next section is my DISC personality profile, for those who need to know more about me.

Dr. Tara Green

Dr. Green's DISC Personality Profile:

A compilation of some community projects:

* Volks Auto Scam:
* Bez Gallery Scam:
* Urbane Wedding Concept Scam:
* Dallas Buyers Club Nuisance:
* NUS Students' Union FOC2016 Criminal Offences:


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