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Author Topic: Dr Jeremy Fernando [Certified Disgraceful]  (Read 2513 times)

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Dr Jeremy Fernando [Certified Disgraceful]
« on: October 25, 2020, 03:43:14 PM »
NUS files police report against former don over sex allegations
October 22, 2020 | By Jean Iau | The New Paper

SINGAPORE - The National University of Singapore (NUS) has made a police report against former Tembusu College don Jeremy Fernando following allegations of sexual misconduct made against him.

In a statement late on Wednesday (Oct 21), NUS said it went to the police "given the seriousness of the allegations". It had also advised the two female students who accused Dr Fernando of misconduct to do the same.

The university also provided a detailed timeline of when it first became aware of the allegations against Dr Fernando, and the actions it took - which included interviewing him and barring him from making contact with students.

Internal investigations found that Dr Fernando "had an intimate association" with an undergraduate - a serious breach of its code of conduct for staff, NUS said. The university thus sacked him on Oct 7.

Addressing criticisms from students about the way it handled the matter, NUS said: "We recognise that we could have shared information about the dismissal with Tembusu staff and students in a more timely manner and we endeavour to do better."

However, it felt it had to balance the interests of privacy and confidentiality, particularly for the victims involved, it added.

"The College places the utmost priority on the safety and well-being of its students. When the incident was made known to the College, it immediately took action to protect the student community and worked with the VCU to facilitate a fair and prompt investigation," the university said.

NUS said it had received a complaint from a student on Aug 27.

Dr Fernando was suspended on Aug 31, and was stopped from going to the university other than to assist in investigations.

NUS interviewed Dr Fernando on Sept 1 on the complaint. It completed its investigation into this case four days later on Sept 5.

A second student made a complaint on Sept 7. She was interviewed about it two days later.

NUS said it spoke to both the victims, and put them in touch with an officer from the Victim Care Unit (VCU). University staff spoke to them about making a police report and assured them of support, including accompanying them to the police station.

Both students opted not to make police reports, said NUS in its statement.

On Sept 14, Dr Fernando was issued an order not to speak to the second student.

NUS completed investigations into the second case on Sept 21. On the same day, Dr Fernando was informed of the allegations against him and given seven working days to respond. He did so on Sept 30.

On Oct 7, NUS told Dr Fernando he was sacked. It also informed the two students and academic staff of this decision.

The VCU officer again spoke to the students about making a police report. They both decided not to.

On Oct 18, the college informed all staff and students about Dr Fernando's dismissal and continued face-to-face engagement with students and staff in small groups.

The next day, the care officer contacted the two students to check on them and Tembusu College continued its face-to-face engagement.

Tembusu College will continue to address students' concerns, said NUS, adding that the two women are being supported by the care officer. The college directors will also continue supporting the female student who is under their care.

NUS also said that it has, in response to a request from the NUS Students' Union, made the code of conduct for staff publicly available.

Among other things, the code of conduct stipulates that a staff must not engage in an intimate relationship with an undergraduate student, and ensure that they do not place themselves in a position of conflict of interest.

The two undergraduate women who earlier spoke to The Straits Times about the case did not want to be named or give their ages.

One of the women alleged that Dr Fernando made non-consensual sexual advances, such as kissing and groping her, and performed oral sex while she was drunk.

The other woman alleged that he tried touching her and kissing her. He later told her not to tell anyone, and that if she did not keep it a secret, he would lose his job.

Dr Fernando has not responded to queries from ST.

The police confirmed last night that a report has been made and investigations are ongoing.


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Re: Dr Jeremy Fernando [Certified Disgraceful]
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2020, 07:47:18 PM »
MOE to work with universities to further enhance student safety
Jean Iau | Oct 26, 2020

The Education Ministry is following up with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and other universities to ensure student safety after the dismissal of former Tembusu College fellow Jeremy Fernando over allegations of sexual misconduct.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Minister of State for Education Sun Xueling said the university leadership has been asked what more can be done to prevent such instances from happening in future.

Noting that the schools have a duty of care to their students, she wrote: "There must be zero tolerance in our campuses for any form of sexual misconduct, harassment or violence."

Dr Fernando was sacked from NUS on Oct 7 after internal investigations found he "had an intimate association" with an undergraduate, NUS said last Wednesday.

Two students alleged that he made non-consensual advances towards them, and the university has also filed a police report.

Ms Sun said: "The issues around this case lead us to question: How can we better guard against educators and other individuals who cross the line, and how can we collectively strengthen campus safety?"

She added that the Ministry of Education will continue working closely with all institutes of higher learning to tighten processes where needed and ensure the safety of the student community at all times.

Responding to the Facebook post in a comment, NUS dean of students Leong Ching clarified that when she admitted that the university could have handled the issue better during a media conference last Friday, she was referring to the "less-than-timely communication" of the university's decision.

Associate Professor Leong wrote: "I do not refer to our response to the complaint, which was first, to provide immediate support and care to the students involved; second to immediately suspend and then summarily dismiss the staff, all in just over a month. I believe that this was the most expeditious possible, while keeping to due process."

She added: "With respect, minister, this is what zero tolerance looks like."

Professor Tommy Koh, Tembusu College's rector, acknowledged at a media briefing last Friday that NUS had not given timely updates on the case. He added that going forward, it will be more open in the way it provides information about sexual misconduct cases.