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Title: EZ Advance Trading Enterprise Pte Ltd [Certified Disgusting]
Post by: greentara on February 19, 2018, 02:48:41 PM

EZ Advance Trading Enterprise Pte Ltd
304 Orchard Road #B1-70 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863
ACRA UEN: 200916254D

Reported by Facebook user Ms. Denise Han:

"Must avoid ez advance trading enterprise at all costs!!!!! This shop cheated our helper and rip her $145 for a screen protector !!! Our helper thought it's $10 Or $20 the most but the shop give invoice of $145 and pressurized our helper that everything is on cctv and she have to pay up!!!! And my helper was afraid and did what they say. Bloody disgusting shop!! $145 is Alot of money for domestic worker and they have to feed entire family back home!!! Shame on you #ezadvancetrading ( what can my helper do ???

My cousin just called them on 18th pm. and they r really crappy with their response!!
They said “ Rolex watch is watch. Patek Phillippe also watch. Quality matters. This is a good quality tempered glass 2. Our tempered glass comes with free replacement, there’s a 1 year warranty”

“$145 is a small sum”

“It’s her word against my staff’s. How can you prove???”
 “Cannot be you come in to buy a screen protector and you see me put it on for you and then you say you don’t want to buy”

Return my helper her hard earn money !!!!"

Title: Re: EZ Advance Trading Enterprise Pte Ltd [Certified Disgusting]
Post by: greentara on February 19, 2018, 03:01:04 PM
“Get ripped off at EZ Advance Trading Enterprise, Lucky Plz Blok B81-70”

"I wish I had looked at this website to understand more about doggy shops in Lucky Plaza. We also got cheated by one of the shops there. The price of one XBOX games is 3-4x more than the normal price. My husband who was clueless about the price of the games, came back to the shop after I told him about the price, and nearly fought with the employee there. But hasn't Singapore Tourism Board done anything about this? So many reports about the SCAM at Lucky Plaza, and is still happening now. Couldn't they do anything to stop this? HOPELESS perhaps?? DON'T BUY ANY ELECTRONIC/GAMES IN LUCKY PLAZA. THE PEOPLE THERE ARE CHEATERS...................TRUST ME"


Reported by babe0110 Jakarta, Indonesia on February 5, 2013
Title: Re: EZ Advance Trading Enterprise Pte Ltd [Certified Disgusting]
Post by: greentara on February 19, 2018, 03:03:30 PM
“Conmen in EZ Advance Trading Enterprise and other shops in Lucky Plaza”
This is a confession of an ex-staff for EZ Advance Trading Enterprise. To make it short, my friend Leo, worked for 3 months in that Company while he's waiting for his exam result.
During that period, the boss (Jason & Johnny) taught Leo how to cheat the customers via a range of tactics which range from luring customers in with low price, and sell at high price after they come in, and add on things like GST to make the price higher. The staff there all know the cost price of their products and basically will mark up their price 2x until 10x of the original price. The poor tourist not know about this, will eventually got cheated and some went back for refund (which they didn't get it), while some didn't. There was this case where a Malaysian lady bought a prepaid card for $150 which was 10x more than it should be.
Moral of the story, don't buy electronics or games consoles in ANY shop in Lucky Plaza."


Reported by KingWongK KL on November 5, 2014