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Alexa talked to a self-confessed scammer, his methods, his earning (USD288 per victim) and whether he felt bad about scamming people.

"Tech Support Scam" education video from Singtel: "Hello? This is Edward de Cruz from tech support…” When Mrs Tan receives a dubious sounding phone call, how does she react? Watch on to find out how she ended up getting scammed!..."

Robocall Scammers (Singtel edu ads)

"Did you know that many scammers from overseas are masking their actual phone numbers, making their calls look like they come from local callers in order to trick people into answering? Watch Singtel’s short film “Robocall” to find out how they use Caller ID spoofing technology to fool unsuspecting victims into thinking they’re receiving legitimate local calls from a “customer service officer”, and dupe them into handing over data like credit card details and one-time passwords. ‘Robocall’ is the second in a series of short films in Singtel’s anti-scam campaign, ‘Jaga your data!’. By serving up scam recognition lessons with a dose of humour, we hope to encourage everyone to be more vigilant, and protect themselves and their families from falling prey to scams. Always remember, local calls do not have the ‘+65’ prefix, and never share your personal data with anyone."


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