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Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign:

Round 2+1, Open [29 Sep 2015 to (a) 2020 or (b) once DBC/SSLC decided to leave Singapore alone - whichever is earlier]:


Crowdfunding Video (JPG, pdf & mp4 formats):

Public Chat Platform (for discussion/interview):

Campaign Specification:

Campaign FAQ:

DBC-SG Support Group (Public):

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Hardwarezone Forum DBC-SG Crowdfunding (Round 2) Discussion Thread:


From Round 1, Closed (Apr to May 2015):

Crowdfunding Video (JPG, pdf & mp4 formats):

Public Chat Platform (for discussion/interview):

Campaign Specification:

Campaign FAQ:

DBC-SG Support Group (Public):

DBC-SG Support Group (Private):

Hardwarezone Forum DBC-SG Crowdfunding Discussion Thread:

Accounting of the raised fund will be filed under this thread as well.

Media Coverage

1. Straits Times: 30 April 2015 10.30am

2. Vulcan Post: 30 April 2015 10.30am

3. Coconuts (30 April 2015): Netizens unite against Dallas Buyers Club suers with support group and crowdfunding campaign

4. Yahoo (from vulcan, 30 April 2015): Online Campaign Aims To Crowdfund Legal Fees Of Dallas Buyers Club Downloaders

5. 中国侨网 (from 联合早报): 新加坡華人籌募律師費助非法下載電影遭索賠網民

6. Asiaone (from ST, 1 May 2015):

7. (21 Oct 2015): Time to Pay the Piper

DBC-SG Crowdfunding Campaign Day 1 of 16 Progress

1. We managed to raise US$915 from a total of 22 funders. Namaste.

2. All funders originate from Singapore. There are some visitors from other countries as well:

3. The DBC-SG Support Group Exco team would like to dedicate this beautiful Vivaldi performance to the 22 funders, enjoy.

Vivaldi Four Seasons:
Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 8, RV 315, "L'estate" (Summer) - Presto

Performance by Ms Anne-Sophie Mutter (from Youtube):

Her Four Seasons album is available for $9.99 from iTunes:

DBC-SG Crowdfunding Campaign Day 2 of 16 Progress

 1. We managed to raise US$1,148 (achieving 29% of the base target) from a total of 33 funders. Namaste.

 2. All funders originate from Singapore. There are visitors from other countries as well:

3. This is another interesting Indiegogo Statistics (not commonly seen/published by other Indiegogo campaigns), ie. where the Fund contributors got to know our campaign from? A big Thank-you to these platforms as well:

I continue to pray that the DBC-SG Crowdfunding Campaign Media Press Kit that was sent to the 20+ Singapore, Australia and US bloggers was received and read. This campaign is summarised in the 3 mins Youtube video:

4. Tara was my sweet daughter that we lost on 9 July 2009.... ... ...
I will share more about us when either (a) we reached our base target of $4,000 or, (b) when this campaign ends.

Yours Sincerely,
Tara Green JT (Dr.)
On behalf of the "DBC-SG Support Group" Exco team

PS: I dedicate this Vivaldi Winter Largo concert performance to my beloved daughter who left us too soon....

Update: New Strategy - Meet the MP

Friends in Singapore,

1. For those who are planning to talk to your MP (Member of Parliament) or someone important in the .gov circles about this Speculative Invoicing and how it is affecting you or the 500+ people in Singapore, this is my recommended steps to take:

* Step 1: Goto the Slides for the Campaign pitching video:
* Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of that page
* Step 3: Click onto the 2 links to download the pdf materials: (1) What is Speculative Invoicing, (2) Slides
* Step 4: If possible, print the "What is Speculative Invoicing" pdf in color (esp. the yellow highlights)
* Step 5: Printing of the slides can be in B&W if you want to save the color ink (though color is preferred as well)
* Step 6: Read through both printouts and if you have any question esp. on the slides, ask me in the Chat Platform first before you go (because your MP may ask you some questions on certain slides)
* Step 7: While in the queue waiting for your turn, load our Youtube 3 mins campaign video in your iPad-Tablet / Laptop / Smartphone and where possible, show the MP the short video if possible as that would help set the stage for your discussion.
* Step 8: If there is any question from the MP that you are unable to answer, just write them down dutifully and inform your MP that we'll revert back to him. Contact me at ipresearch70(at) the list of questions and the DBC-SG Support Exco team will prepare a response for the good man/woman accordingly.
2. Be mindful that your MP may be hearing about Speculative Invoicing business practice for the first time in his life, therefore, while there are loads of information on why Speculative Invoicing is wrong, try not to overwhelm the MP - unless he/she is the Law Minister or Ms. Indranee.

As such, before meeting the MP:

* (a) we need to understand the essence of Speculative invoicing first, and then
* (b) teach our MP on what is Speculative invoicing but just sufficient for him to understand the basics - otherwise, it would be a wasted trip (preparation, queuing, heart skipping many beats, etc) For the first meeting with our good MP, simplicity is the key.
May the force be with us.

Yours Sincerely,
T. Green (Dr.)


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