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Author Topic: Heat wave viral message [Certified Nuisance and Fake News]  (Read 1902 times)

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Original (nuisance) text

Prepare yourself to face
Heat Wave
It can be up to 40-50 degrees.
Please condition our body by drinking a lot of white water, drink slowly sip after sip * Do not drink cold water/Ice * yes

Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and several other countries. is currently experiencing a heat wave.

What tips should be done and avoided? Please listen

Please note the following:

1. A doctor friend came to me saying, the weather is very hot.
During the day, it can reach 40 degrees Celsius.

He said:
"At a temperature of 40 degrees, do not drink ice water immediately!Micro blood vessels can explode. A friend of his, from being exposed to the scorching sun, entered the house, washing his feet with cold water.His eyesight became blurred, and he fainted.

2. The temperature in some places has reached 38 degrees Celsius or more.
In this condition, keep the body temperature higher.
This danger is not only from drinking ice/cold water. This danger can occur even just by washing your hands/ face/ feet.
You should not water/wipe the hot parts of the body exposed to the scorching heat of the sun, with cold water.
You need about 30 minutes to cool the body according to the room temperature.
Drink warm water, 34-36 Celsius.

3. A doctor in a hospital, examining a very healthy man. 3 years later, the doctor met the man again in a *stroke *condition
The man also told:

 "Some time ago, it was a very hot day. After returning home, to get cold quickly, I immediately took a cold shower. Then, I could not move my jaw properly. I immediately called an ambulance to take me to the hospital."

Remember, especially on a hot day, avoid cold water as it will cause rapid contraction of blood vessels.

Those in the house with small children, must tell the maid and the whole house about this.

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