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Author Topic: Cash on Delivery Scams [Certified Scam]  (Read 2492 times)

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Cash on Delivery Scams [Certified Scam]
« on: December 22, 2020, 10:49:29 AM »
S'pore woman files police report after mistakenly paying S$40 cash for a COD package via Ninja Van
Siti Hawa | August 13, 2020, 08:40 PM

Possible new scam alert: A woman, Peng XueLin, took to Facebook page Complaint Singapore on Aug. 12, 2020 to share her experience regarding a cash on delivery (COD) item she received via Ninja Van.

She had allegedly received a COD package via Ninja Van and was asked to pay S$39.

However, she realised that she did not order the product only after she had paid the money.

What happened

Peng was busy and on a work call at that time when a COD package arrived via Ninja Van.

The delivery personnel told her that she had ordered a package on COD and would need to pay cash.

Seeing that the delivery personnel was tired, she quickly passed her S$40 and asked her to keep the change.

She said:

    "Out of good heart i hope all delivery person get a tip from time to time."

However, she felt that something was wrong, as she did not order a COD item.

After opening the package, she realised that she had received a beauty mask.

Advised to contact seller

She contacted the delivery personnel within five minutes to inform her about the wrong delivery, but was advised to contact the seller.

However, she was not able to figure out who the seller was, and could not find any receipt or order form regarding the delivery in her email.

In her post, Peng also highlighted the fact that the same mask she received was priced at just S$5.48 online.

On Aug. 13, Peng updated her post to add that she was being targeted to be scammed once again, as she received an SMS informing her that she had yet another COD delivery and would be required to pay S$58 for it.

Filed a police report

Peng has since filed a police report, and said she understands from the delivery personnel that the higher-ups in Ninja Van would be informed.

According to Peng, the police have also called to inform her that they will be investigating the matter and that this is "not a common case".

She also said that she is willing to cover the cost of the delivery, but hopes to recover the remaining amount.

Not the only victim

In response on the post, a number of commenters also claimed they were asked to pay COD for packages they did not order.

Ninja Van issues refund

In response to Mothership, a spokesperson from Ninja Van said that they are trying to contact Peng and have launched an investigation into the matter.

Ninja Van will work with the police to facilitate all police investigations and are now processing the refund for her.

The spokesperson also explained that Ninja Van does not know the seller's information as they received the parcel for last-mile delivery from a shipping consolidator of international parcels.

However, they have since informed the shipping consolidator of the issue.

Ninja Van advises customers, should they face any problems with their parcels, to contact them directly via:

View the original post here.


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Re: Cash on Delivery Scams [Certified Scam]
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2020, 10:54:26 AM »
Facebook Post by Peng XueLin

"Seem like the case is still going around.
If you have reported police, pls send me ur report number so I can post it here and push some hope for the investigation. 😢
18 August 2020 : Refund received as I check around 2pm. I am glad that some of you also got back your $. Congrats
However I know that some of u still receiving such parcels after the work is out. I am still in touch with police for investigation outcome.
14Aug2020 3:17pm : Ninjavan contacted me for refund.
14Aug2029 1:20pm : Mothership published our story. Ninjavan says will refund me? Nobody contact me yet. Oh well..
At least I feel safe that my elderly or your husband won't be paying COD to such scam act today or tomorrow.
Those that gotten the same scam, can contact NV from my updated screenshot. We are lucky this time.. Stay safe everyone!
I am not targeting any individual as I know time are bad n hard. And thanks Ninjavan for assisting from here to stop such act again in Singapore.
Onbehalf of you all, I am donating this $40.00 (when I get it) out to charity. Thank everyone for commenting positively today

#keyboardwarriorsdoGOODdeed oh ya 👍 so dun just talk n type. Help prevent it right.



Update 6.29pm, 13 Aug
Another delivery came asking for $56.00 on a makeup gadget. Took a video (not to shame anyone. I will just pass to the police) I ask questions, he seem scare. He dun let me open the box. And he just want to end everything n go. (photo attached below) after he left, he Mark as nobody at home

Update 1058am, 13Aug
Hey guess what.. I think I m on their regular scam list. They sms and attempt to tell me that I have another delivery today! For $58.00 added screenshot in this post. I shall see if they come. I am waiting to receive my parcel. BTW, my house got Cctv. (2photos added)

UPDATE 920PM : Police called me say they will send it to the investigation side. Apparently, police tell me this it not a common case, so i guess many of you have not make report on #ninjavan Have faith in our police officers doing their work, but we have to do the job to assist as well.

Those that did reported on ninjavan cases, u may want to cited along with my report number F/20200812/7039. With strength we can fight crimes.

Thanks for all the comments, it helps the police to understand the case more. I have sent in the link of this post to the police.
BTW, #NINJAVAN you can keep this $40 as long u dun give it to the syndicate scammer. Just act fast and dun let more people pay COD for this now!! OK... ITEM is my name and my address. So yup

Hi Everyone, i hope this serve as a notice to everyone. I am a regular online buyer, however i never expect to fall prey as it all happens too quickly.

As i was really busy today, on work call, a delivery person from ninja van came to door and say i ordered something on COD.

Being human, seeing the delivery lady so tired and it seem i am her last delivery. I quickly pass her $40 and ask her to keep the changes. Out of good heart i hope all delivery person get a tip from time to time.

Luckily today, i feel something is wrong as i dun order COD item, i open up the package and saw a beauty mask ?!?!

So i quickly whatsapp the delivery lady (within 5 mins from delivery, and tell her about the situation.

She advised me to inform the seller. BUT, i do not know who is the seller!! I also check my email for any receipt or order form about the order, but no!

I have reported the police on this matter and the lady also tell me that she will inform her =AZVIov8eMeCPAsRn9lTKP4WUmXZ-39jvzVu8p8gSnO7AKsUCzP8_xf1ja12bgsz14Zv-XYNsJakbiKBQkJ6OryMDp-YQuQSjVfMFjRE9cITNOb8v98LblarTsQjAiC-q3FZXnIwLfvnpFXYW79YntIbJ&__tn__=*NK-R]#ninjavan boss about it. Now i am waiting for the boss to get back to me on this.

It may not be ninjavan fault to do anything for money, but i feel that fight crime should be everyone's duty and work ethics. Ninja van should not release the funds to seller since a police report is make.

As such seller now uses FB, and dun usually go throught any platforms, I hope that this can help serve a warning to all delivery company ESPECIALLY when handling COD orders, should a complaint come in, no funds should be released to the seller.

I have told her that i am willing to pay what the seller pay for delivery, and only hope to recover the balance.

Even if i dun, i also hope that nobody do COD order ever.

This is really terrible. Very silly of me.
Hope everyone be warned and Put a STOP to this."



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Re: Cash on Delivery Scams [Certified Scam]
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2020, 11:02:00 AM »
22 Dec 2020: From Facebook by Ivan Chee

Just got scam last evening when I was at work.
My parent was at home and ninja van delivered this necklace to my home and demand COD $59.
So please take note and inform all please check before making the payment.