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Scammer He Kim Chun (late 60s - 70s)



From "Kaiwen Zhuang":

"I really hope and appreciate that you could share and disseminate the information and help us to find the scammer, He Kim Chun. She is in late 60 / early 70. I only managed to retrieve the side picture of hers. She has resorted unscrupulous methods to scam my grandmother’s hard-earned life savings. My grandmother, 84 years old has been having insomnia and lamenting her huge loss. She is heartbroken and cries every night. I cannot fathom why would anyone resort to such despicable method, to gain her trust, by calling my grandma, “mom” for TEN years plus and finally took so many steps to cheat her feelings and her life savings.

She came to know her as they were both worshipping at the Jalan Lim Bok temple. My grandmother was at that time working as a part-time cleaner at UOL Group Limited. A few months, she began asking my grandmother for money to invest in her son’s, Huang Zhen Hui (黄正辉) company for a handsome monthly return. Being illiterate, she chose to trust her god daughter and place her life savings slowly. After a few months of receiving returns, she stopped giving and gave my grandmother tons of excuses and eventually disappeared. We cannot find her at all.

We actually filed a police report and even brought the matter to Home Affairs in 2018 (Police report F/20180405/2141 . After 24 months of police investigation, the police could only advise us for civil action. We are unable to take any legal actions because we do not know where she stays, her personal details etc. We plead for any relevant information about her whereabouts so that we can plan our next legal action. By disclosing her, we hope that no elderly should be conned of their life savings because of her cunning antics. We really appreciate if anyone chance upon her, immediately notify us so that we can bring justice to light and let my grandmother know that justice prevails and return her hard earned money back to its rightful owner. Thank you"


我希望并感谢您能分享和传播信息,并帮助我们找到骗子【何金春】 (约70岁)。我只有这侧面照片。她采取不道德的手段骗了我祖母辛辛苦苦挣来的积蓄。我祖母已经84岁,目前忧郁失眠吃不下,感叹她的巨大损失。她伤心欲绝,每天晚上难以入眠。我无法理解为什么有人会用这种卑鄙的手段来赢得她的信任,还称我的祖母为“妈妈”长达数十年之久,采取了许多方式来欺骗她的感情和她的积蓄。他们俩在(Jalan Lim Bok)庙认识。当时,我祖母在UOL Group Limited担任兼职清洁工。
几个月后,她开始向我祖母要钱来投资她儿子【黄正辉】的生意,以获得每个月可观的回报。我祖母是文盲,她选择信“这干女儿”,并多次放下积蓄。在获得几次”回报“后,她停止,给了我祖母许多借口,最终消失了。我们根本找不到她。我们报警,甚至于2018年将此事提交内政部 (MHA)(警察报告F / 20180405/2141)。在经过24个月的警方调查后,警方只能建议我们采取民事法律行动。我们无法怎么做因为我们不知道她的住处,资料等。我们恳求有关她下落或任何相关信息,请马上让我们知道。我希望通过分享这事故来提防大家不要被她的狡猾行为来骗更多老年人的积蓄。如果有人看到她或知道他的下落请立即通知我们,感恩。


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