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Author Topic: Domestic Helper: Tin Tin Moe [Caution]  (Read 2649 times)

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Domestic Helper: Tin Tin Moe [Caution]
« on: June 14, 2020, 12:15:31 PM »

"Maid from hell. Do not hire at all costs!

I’m not sure if maids can be employed during police investigations so posting here just in case.

This maid (Tin Tin Moe) stole a lot of money from our locked drawer. The police could not get her to confess and sent her home to me due to lack of confession and evidence.

She confessed to me many months later but turned the tables saying I slapped her and forced her to confess when I asked her to return the money. Thank God for cctv recording to prove my innocence. But police said I could have forced her before that recorded confession 😒

A few days ago, she plotted to get out of my house by calling the police, claiming she had suicidal thoughts. Got sent to imh and doctor found nothing wrong with her.

After she left my house, we discovered she had already smuggled a lot of her favourite items out and possibly our money before she asked to be taken away.

She is now with the maid agency pending police investigations.
Possible selling points - close to finishing 2 years with first employer and she has a soft spoken gentle demeanour.

My nightmare has not ended. And I do not wish for her to be anyone else’s nightmare.

Please, no bashing why we kept so much money at home."