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Author Topic: Cosmic Rays from Mars Entering Earth [Nuisance, a Global viral message]  (Read 9023 times)

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Original viral message spread across the globe:
Tonight 12:30 am to 3:30 am cosmo rays entering earth from mars. So switch off your mobile at night. Don’t keep your cell with you & put it away while you are sleeping because they are too much dangerous rays: NASA informs BBC NEWS. Pls spread this news.

Variant circulating in Singapore:
Tonight 12:30 - 3:30 be sure to turn off the phone : Singapore TV has announced the news. Please read about it and take care of yourself . Tell your dear relatives and friends : This evening from 12:30 - 3:30 am , dangerous, high radiation, cosmic rays will pass close to the Earth . So please turn off your cell phone . Do not let your cell phone be close to your body , it may cause damage . Please check the Google NASA and BBC News. Forward this message to all you care for.

Chinese version:
今晚12:30 - 3:30一定要關掉手機:新加坡電視台宣布了這一消息。請閱讀它,好好照顧自己。告訴你的親愛的親人和朋友們:今天晚上12:30 - 凌晨3:30,危險,高輻射,宇宙射線將通過接近地球。所以,請關閉您的手機。不要讓你的手機靠近你的身體,這可能會造成損壞。請檢查谷歌NASA和BBC新聞。這個消息轉發給你所有關心。

According to various the sources & reports, the original message is in circulation since 2008 is false:

Advice to fellow Singaporeans and overseas friends, please do not contribute to this viral message and trash it if you receive it because this is a nuisance and waste bandwidth.
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