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Author Topic: Condo owner: Ramesh Erramalli [Certified Disgraceful]  (Read 2446 times)

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Condo owner: Ramesh Erramalli [Certified Disgraceful]
« on: November 01, 2019, 12:41:54 PM »
‘I buy your f*cking property for $1.5 million’: Angry man clashes with security guard over S’pore condo rules
Andrew Koay | October 26

Deepavali is meant to be a time of celebration.

Yet, for at least one man and a condominium security guard, the long weekend has gotten off on the wrong foot.

A video circulated on social media showed man, who identifies himself as Ramesh in an altercation with his condominium’s security guard.

Allegedly paid S$1.5 million

The altercation, which appears to have taken place at the Eight Riversuites condominium, was seemingly sparked by a rule that visitors must pay S$10 to use the car park.

That proved a problem for Ramesh, who was receiving visitors over the Deepavali long weekend.

According to numerous listings on PropertyGuru, the South-east Asian online realty company, the price for a property at Eight Riversuites ranges from $707,000 to $2.45 million.

    “You’re putting my visitors in such a position and telling me that for Diwali they can’t visit after 11 o’clock?”

Ramesh then turned to his visitor and commanded him to leave the car in the lobby and follow him, presumably to his house.

Not staying in a HDB

He proceeds to tell the security guard that they will leave the car here.

Responding to Ramesh’s decision to walk off, the security guard told the angry resident that he will have to inform the condominium’s management.

Conveniently, Ramesh also had a message he wanted the guard to pass on to the management:

    “Tell the management f*ck off!

In an effort to calm the situation, another security guard tells Ramesh and his visitors that if they can “pay $10 and then you can go inside”.

But this just infuriated the condominium-dweller even more:

The situation seemed to find a temporary compromise when the security guards appear to let the visitors into the carpark in exchange for Ramesh’s details — which will be handed over to the management.

“Don’t be angry,” said the security guard before he is cut off by a shouting Ramesh.

    “You’re making me angry! In front of my visitors! Stopping my visitors here.”

Cultural education

Towards the end of three-minute forty-second video, Ramesh also took the time to educate his condominium’s security about the custom’s of Deepavali.

    “This is Diwali weekend you know? There will be a lot of visitors visiting Indians.”

Needing to illustrate the point further he then tries to present the Chinese security guard with a culturally equivalent situation — “You celebrate Chinese New Year right?”

The lesson is then ended as Ramesh gets into his visitor’s vehicle and they drive into one of the 854 carpark lots available there.

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Re: Condo owner: Ramesh Erramalli [Certified Disgraceful]
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2020, 07:34:13 PM »
$1.5m condo parking saga: Resident given stern warning for verbally abusing security guard
Mr Erramalli Ramesh was caught on video verbally abusing a condominium security guard last October.
Clement Yong | Jan 17, 2020

SINGAPORE - Mr Erramalli Ramesh, the man who was caught on a widely shared video verbally abusing a condominium security guard last October, has been issued a stern warning by the police for intentionally causing harassment.

Four other men were in turn also given warnings for harassing Mr Erramalli, including threatening him and his family with death, violence and rape.

The police said on Friday (Jan 17) that it reached the decision in consultation with the Attorney-General's Chambers.

Despite Mr Erramalli saying that he did not wish to pursue the matter against those who harassed him, the police said they nevertheless carried out investigations.

Two men, aged 41 and 47, were issued stern warnings for causing intentional harassment to Mr Erramalli. Two other men, aged 19 and 56, were given 12-month conditional warnings for threatening him and his family with death and violence.

The  spat between Mr Erramalli and the security guard happened at Eight Riversuites condominium in Whampoa during the Deepavali weekend last year.

The incident was caught on video, which shows him swearing at the guard after being told by the security officer that he needed to pay a $10 fee for guests parking at the condo after 11pm.

He is heard telling security officers that he bought his apartment for $1.5 million, and that it was not a Housing Board block.

After the video was uploaded online, netizens dug up his personal details, including his educational credentials and the company he works for, and posted these online, with many accompanying their posts with threatening or racist remarks.

The incident also led the Union of Security Employees and two security agency associations to condemn Mr Erramalli’s actions, highlighting the difficult position security officers often find themselves in when residents disagree with condominium management rules.

In a private meeting on Oct 30, Mr Erramalli met the senior security supervisor, Mr Steven Heng, whom he had insulted, and apologised. Mr Heng also urged everyone “to forgive Mr Erramalli and forget this unfortunate incident”.

Amid questions about Mr Erramalli’s citizenship status, the Ministry of Home Affairs had said  that he became a Singaporean under the Family Ties scheme through marriage to a local-born Singapore citizen.

Checks by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority also found no evidence that he had falsified his educational qualifications.