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Im sorry i had to send it now that u opened this message u can't stop reading . Hi my name is Teresa Fidalgo i died 27 years ago . If you don't send this to 20 friends i will sleep by your side forever . If u don't believe me than search me up . Teresa Fidalgo . So send this to 20 friends . A girl ingnored this and her mom died 20 days later. no send backs search in google n seen

Question: Who belives this chain about Teresa Fidalgo.?
Best Answer:  I got the same message on Face Book I believe that there was a Teresa Fidalgo and she did die in a car crash but why the hell would someone make a stupid chain message about her. I do belive in ghost but this is crap. I did not do any of this and nobody was sleeping next to me...

Question: Who was teresa fidalgo?
Best Answer:  "... I believe it s a fake story and its more a ghost story.... The Teresa Fidalgo accident and the subsequent fake video of her supposed “haunting” of a certain road in Sintra have spawned too much attention from web denizens. Some of us who had no inkling as to the capitalistic motives of Mr. Rebordao were led to believe the vehicular accident of the trio - Tiago, David and Tania - was true and that Teresa the ghost girl can really appear in flesh in front of a camera. That was a bit sneaky but the virality of such a video did the trick for Mr. Rebordao’s business. Now many people visit the “A Curva” site for more info. Curiosity is such a strong force to reckon with. Learn the lesson from Pandora, people. "

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