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Author Topic: Gojek driver Aaron Heng [Certified Disgraceful & Disgusting] vs Elder Passengers  (Read 4105 times)

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Transcript adapted from "Gojek driver has meltdown after intense S$7 dispute with passenger"

Another day, another epic argument between a passenger and private hire driver.

This time the video starts off with an elderly couple on the phone with Go-Jek’s customer service while at the back of a private hire car.

The problem?

The elderly man claimed that when he booked the ride, the fare showed S$14.10. However, the driver’s app showed S$21.10.

This presented an impasse and birthed a stress-inducing six-minute video.

In case you can’t see it:

Here’s the full transcript

Elderly man: (Speaking to the phone) Driver is telling me it is $21.

Go-Jek driver: The app shows $21.10. (Folds arms)

*15 seconds of awkward silence*

Go-Jek driver And there is a surge in pricing for your info hor.

*Another 10 seconds of awkward silence*

Elderly man: (Speaking to the phone) It originally indicated $14.10 when I made the booking. Then suddenly when the driver came, yeah, it’s $21…

Go-Jek driver: (Interrupting) It shows in my app $21.10.

Elderly man: (Raising palm, interrupting) I’m not saying you. I’m not arguing you … with you. I’m just telling…

Go-Jek driver: (Interrupting) Then you don’t waste my time. I’m driving to…

Elderly man: (Interrupting) I’m not wasting your time, you tell me…

Go-Jek driver: (Interrupting) For $7! You want… I… I’m driving to earn my incentive you knowww!?

Elderly man: You can drop me out.

Go-Jek driver: That’s what you … I cannot cancel! It’s not the problem!

Elderly man: (Gesturing intensely at his phone) I’m talking to your people at the moment.

Go-Jek driver: $7 you want to make an issue? You waste my time. Eh! You’re driving Mercedes one is it?

Elderly man: That’s none of your bloody business, please.

Go-Jek driver: (Raises finger) Please talk to me with respect.

Elderly man: (Speaking to phone) $13.20? Yes, ok. I don’t know. Eh. Ya. What. Ya. Ok. Tell me that. What … ya. I don’t know. My point is when you indicated down there was $14.10, that’s what I’m trying to say. Ya. My point right now is this, he’s charging me $21…

Go-Jek driver: (Interrupting and pointing finger) I am not charging you! The app shows $21.10 it’s not my problem!

Elderly man: (Speaking to phone) Your app is putting $21…

Go-Jek driver: (Interrupting and pointing finger) Don’t accuse me.

Female passenger: (Pats GD on shoulder) Ok. Ok.

Elderly man: (Speaking to phone) Your app is putting $21…

Go-Jek driver: (Interrupting and pointing finger) I’m not a millionaire like you.

EM gives a look at the comment:

Elderly man: (Speaking to phone) You should have indicated down there! How can you put $14.10 and then it went up to twenty over dollars? It never happened before, I take Grab I never have this kind of occasion. Yes, so can you do something about it and really it’s not fair to him and it’s not fair to me too.

Go-Jek driver: Don’t make your problem to be my problem. Know? Brother.

Elderly man: (Speaking to phone) Yes. Ok. So what do we do? Your driver wants it to get it out as soon as possible.

EM’s last comment seemingly triggers Go-Jek driver

Go-Jek driver: I want to get it out? Don’t accuse me again.

Elderly man: Please. Do you want to move, right?

Go-Jek driver: I want to move? You are the one that wants to stop the whole thing. Don’t make your problem to be my problem. Let me get this clear to you…

Elderly man: (Speaking to phone) Please get your driver to bear with it.

Go-Jek driver: Bear with it? I’m driving to earn the incentive, you know that? I don’t earn $2,000 a day, you know? The incentive is only $205 for your info, you know?

Elderly man: (Speaking to phone) Hello?

Elderly man: (Speaking to FP) Got to wait. “Bear with me” he said. “Ask to wait” he said.

Go-Jek driver: For $7 you are kicking up a big fuss. Seriously.

Elderly man: That’s not for you to decide.

Go-Jek driver: (Interrupting) Eh sorry you are in my car. It shows $21.10.

Elderly man: (Interrupting) What do you want me to do?

Female passenger: If we go out, you say you cannot…

Go-Jek driver: I cannot cancel, it will affect my acceptance rate. That’s the problem!

Elderly man: Then what do you want me to do? What do you want me to do?

Go-Jek driver: Then you want to kick up a big fuss.

Elderly man: Ya, then what do you want me to do?

Go-Jek driver: If the app shows $21.10 then just $21.10. You think I want to cheat you of your money?

Elderly man: I’m not saying saying you, chap! I’m saying Go-Jek is wrong.

Go-Jek driver: It’s ok. I already got a recording.

Elderly man: Yes.

Go-Jek driver: Don’t worry, I’ll make it very big. Trust me, brother.

Elderly man: Yes.

Female passenger: Ok. Ok. Ok.

Go-Jek driver: If you can find on Facebook, I’ll make sure I’ll remember you.

Elderly man: (Speaking to FP) Let’s go. Truly unlucky.

Go-Jek driver: You unlucky? Don’t make your problem to be my problem, you know? Sir!

Elderly man: I never said it’s your problem…

Go-Jek driver: (Interrupting) But you are kicking up a fuss causing me inconvenience! That’s the problem! It becomes my problem!

Elderly man: (Speaking to phone) Hello! Hello. Hello? (Speaking to FP) No answer.

Female passenger: (Pats GD on shoulder) Let’s go on.

Go-Jek driver: Let’s go on?!

Elderly man: Do you want to go? Or what do you want to do?

Go-Jek driver: $21.10 are you ok to pay?

Female passenger: (Patting GD’s shoulder) Ok. Ok. Let’s go. Let’s go.

Go-Jek driver: I’m so sorry, sir. But I hope you understand.

Elderly man: Go on. I will sort it out with Go-Jek.

Female passenger: Ya. He will sort it out.

Go-Jek driver: (Interrupting and pointing fingers) And you don’t accuse me of charging you …

Elderly man: (Interrupting) I didn’t accuse you …

Go-Jek driver: (Interrupting) No! Wait you know why? Because if you sort out with Go-Jek, Go-Jek will minus out the $7 from my account. Let me put it clear to you, anything it becomes driver problem. Always driver’s problem. That is the problem.

Elderly man: Then that is something you got to sort out with Go-Jek.

Go-Jek driver: Don’t make it my problem to be your problem! You know that if you’re going to call Go-Jek, Go-Jek will deduct that $7 out from my wallet. Then it becomes my problem.

Elderly man: Do you want to go or don’t you want to go?

Go-Jek driver: I ask you. Are you willing to pay the $21.10.

Elderly man: For the moment I will sort it out with Gojek, I will pay you the $21. Ok?

Go-Jek driver: Thank you so much.

Female passenger: We will pay you the $21.

Elderly man: I will settle with Go-Jek.

Go-Jek driver: Thank you so much.

Gojek driver in dispute with elderly passenger apologises: "I'm facing a lot of stress":

Aaron Heng Facebook posting
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Stringent LTA Installation Guidelines for Inward-Facing In-Vehicle Recording Devices to Safeguard Commuters’ Personal Data
22 May 2018 

1. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has published a set of installation guidelines for inward-facing in-vehicle recording devices (IVRDs) in public service vehicles (PSVs) such as taxis, private hire cars (PHCs) and buses[1].The guidelines will come into effect on 22 June 2018.

Key guidelines for installation of inward-facing IVRDs
3. PSV owners must obtain LTA’s approval to install inward-facing IVRDs. Approved installations can only be carried out at LTA-authorised installation centres. This is to ensure that the inward-facing IVRDs are installed according to the manufacturer’s requirements and LTA’s requirements, and to prevent the inward-facing IVRDs from being tampered with. Some key requirements that the LTA-authorised installation centres have to adhere to include:

  • a. IVRDs must be secured in such a manner that prevents any unauthorised access to and downloading of the stored data (e.g. locking the memory card slot, blocking the micro USB port).
  • b. IVRDs must be installed in a fixed position and cannot be rotated in order to prevent the capture of compromising visual records of commuters.
  • c. IVRDs must not have any audio recording function so that the passengers’ conversations are not recorded
  • d. All footage created by the IVRD must clearly indicate a date and time stamp, as well as the PSV’s licence plate number to facilitate investigations in the event of misuse of the footage.

Restrictions on access to footage
5. Drivers who wish to use LTA approved installed inward-facing IVRDs must obtain the written permission of the Registrar. Drivers will be subjected to further stringent guidelines on the use of installed IVRDs.
8. Under the Road Traffic Act, LTA will impose the following penalties to persons found liable for offences relating to the unauthorised installation of inward-facing IVRDs and the unauthorised access of visual records:-
a. A fine up to $1,000, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months or both upon conviction. In the case of a second or subsequent offence, a fine up to $2,000, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or both upon conviction.
b. For taxi and PHC drivers – 21 demerit points, which may lead to the revocation of the driver’s vocational licence under the Chauffeured Private Hire Car and Taxi Driver’s Vocational Licence Demerit Points System.
c. For drivers of private hire buses, excursion buses and school buses – LTA may revoke their vocational licences.