A-Z List of Dishonest people


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[1] Leong Weng Cheou [Certified dishonest]

[2] Imran Md Ali [Certified Shady]

[3] Dr. Wee Teong Boo [Certified Disgusting and Dishonest]

[4] Domestic helper Rajinder Kaur [Certified Dishonest]

[5] Liaw Jin Yi [Certified dishonest and disgusting]

[6] Gary Won Han Kiat [Certified Dishonest]

[7] Ronny Lee Jia Jie [Certified Dishonest]

[8] Ng Kwee Huay aka Nancie aka Magdalene [Certified Dishonest]

[9] James Iseli Rudolf Maitland | Wong Kwan Sing [Certified Dishonest]


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