A-Z List of Disgrace, Disgraceful & Disgusting Cases


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[1] Sex offender Abdul Rahman A Karim [Certified Disgusting]

[2] Nicholas Lim [Fallen Grace & Redemption]

[3] Dr Christopher Kwan Chen Lee [Certified disgusting and disgraceful]

[4] Gojek driver Aaron Heng [Certified Disgraceful & Disgusting] vs Elder Passengers

[5] Hyflux Ltd [Certified Very Disgraceful]

[6] Clarence Tang Jia Ming et al. [Certified Disgusting]

[7] Electric scooter rider [Certified Disgraceful]

[8] 'Lord Voldemort' Ye Lin Myint [Certified disgraceful and disgusting]

[9] Former TenX president, Dr. Julian Hosp (Certified disgraceful and disgusting)


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