A-Z List of Disgrace, Disgraceful & Disgusting Cases


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[1] Former TenX president, Dr. Julian Hosp (Certified disgraceful and disgusting)

[2] Associate Professor Wang Jianliang [Certified Disgraceful]

[3] Mohamad Edi Mohamad Riyars "Edi Rejang" (Certified Disgusting & Disgraceful)

[4] Tay Boon Keh (Baggage handler at Changi Airport) [Certified disgusting]

[5] Singapore PRC PRs: Tang Lei & Tang Bei vs Condo Manager [Disgraceful+Dishonest]

[6] Gurcharan Singh (999 Prank Caller) [Disgraceful + Dishonest]

[7] Employer of a Domestic Helper: Suzanna Bong Sim Swan [Disgraceful & Disgusting]

[8] Sex Offenders in Singapore (Unofficial registry)

[9] NUS Students' Union FOC2016 [Disgraceful + Disgusting]


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