A-Z List of Dishonest Business & People (International)


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[1] Faketoshi Craig Wright [Certified Dishonest]

[2] Donald Trump: 45th President of the United States (Certified Dishonest)

[3] Billion Dollar Crook's father: Larry Low Hock Peng [Certified Dishonest]

[4] Billion Dollar Crook Jho Low [Certified Dishonest]

[5] Scammer [email protected] [Certified Dishonest and Scam]

[6] Najib Al-Alibaba & the 40 BN Thieves [Allegations]

[7] ICO Scam: Giza

[8] ICO Scam: Centra Tech. Inc. (US) [Certified Dishonest]

[9] ICO Scams


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