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[1] Heat wave viral message [Certified Nuisance and Fake News]

[2] Phones Being Hacked By ‘Coronavirus Vaccine Inquiry’ [Certified Nuisance]

[3] Letter from an MD regarding the Covid 19 Vaccine [Certified Nuisance]

[4] Proof that the pandemic was planned & with purpose [Certified Nuisance]

[5] Coronavirus and 5G Link [Certified Nuisance and Fake News]

[6] Coronavirus, masks with chemical [Certified Nuisance]

[7] pH for corona virus varies from 5.5 to 8.5 [Certified Fake News & Nuisance]

[8] Wuhan related death in SG [Certified Fake News & Nuisance]

[9] Teresa Fidalgo viral message [Certified Nuisance]


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