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[1] SKH7981A/SKH7974X: Undercover Police Officer Cars [Most Probably True]

[2] Real story of a young college girl who passed away [Certified Nuisance]

[3] Police road block start 18:00 - 2:00 [Certified Nuisance]

[4] Girl Dies of Electric Shock from Mobile Phone Charger [Certified Nuisance]

[5] 2016 Dec: Terror threats at shopping areas [Certified Nuisance]

[6] Singapore's temperature is expected to soar to 40 deg cel. [Certified Nuisance]

[7] Deaths From Free Perfume Samples Hoax [Nuisance, a Global viral message]

[8] Decorative Magnets on Refrigerators - DANGER [Nuisance, a Global viral message]

[9] 2in1 'Shutdown Phone" cum "+375 +371" Scams [Nuisance, Regional viral message]


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